My First Show At The Myriad

Today I played my set live, for the first time. After months of practice, stemming from years of playing, I sat down for an hour and played my songs. It’s fun to play out again, though this time with my own songs. It was in the middle of the afternoon so there weren’t tons of people. I could still watch the crowd and see how they reacted. Some sat for a while and listened. Others came and went. A few found the door during my more intense melancholy songs. I just played piano, with no vocals, so many songs just fit into the background. A few gained nods of approval and tips.

The parts I was most concerned about went well. Toward the end I was getting tired and messed up a bit. But, I recovered well so it may have gone unnoticed. All told I’m happy with how the first show went and am looking forward to more.

I’m invited back Tues 8PM for a larger audience. That’s their game night, and should have 25-35 people. This was pretty much what I wanted out of my first gig, so it was a great success!