Entering the Guitar Center Singer Songwriter Competition

I’ve been perusing Craigslist lately looking for band members. Primarily, I’d like to find a singer since I don’t sing and play piano together very well. I have a hard enough time cracking a nod and smile when someone drops a dollar in the tip jar! When I play piano, I’m in a different zone.

It was there I came across the Guitar Center Singer Songwriter Competition. Apparently every year Guitar Center, along with other sponsors, host a competition rounding up US based unknown or unsigned musicians to share their latest works. Five finalists are chosen, adorned with music gear, and whisked off to LA for a final showdown. The winner is lavished with more gear, debuted on more stages, including the Jimmy Kimmel Show. Good stuff.

Listen Here

So I set the piano aside for an afternoon and fired up my desperately out of tune guitar. With clumsy fingers, and at times barely remembering my own lyrics, I laid down a few video tracks. I changed my shirt each time so they wouldn’t all look the same. The first one I’m a bit deadpan, but by the third track I’d loosened up a bit and show more personality.

Check it out above. Each view helps me win. And I admit it- I want the gear.